NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 10mm

Cold War 84 copyright TimeCast 2016
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Cold War 84
For almost 50 years the armies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact  faced each other across the Inner German Border. The Cold War 84 range will cover the armies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact during the mid-1980's, which saw the introduction of state of the art weapons, vehicles and technology which would soon dominate the modern battlefield, while the bulk of the equipment  comprised older tried and tested designs dating back to the 1960's and 70's. The  vehicles are designed to 1/144 scale, cast in polyurethane resin and white metal, and are fully compatible with our range of 10mm buildings and scenics.

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About the Designer

Our designer is a Cold War veteran who served in the British Army for over 25 years, which included service as an infantryman and intelligence analyst before transferring to the reserves and joining a reconaissance Regiment, which later converted to the armoured role with the Challenger 2 tank.  In addition to producing the design specifications for our infantry and heavy weapon crews, he also designs our armoured vehicles, where his knowledge of the subject and practical experience is reflected in the accuracy and fine detail in the finished models.

Sabre Squadron Wargame Rules
We now stock the excellent Sabre Squadron wargame rules.
A comprehensive but playable set of rules which, by an amazing coincidence,
are ideal for use with our Cold War 84 models!

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