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This range will cover modern European buildings from the post WW 2 and the Cold War era, suitable for gaming hypothetical conflicts on NATO's Central Front.

 The first models in this range will cover typical modern (1960's - 1980's) German buildings. The models will also be suitable for use with N scale Continental layouts.

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Examples of 24/001 and 24/002 painted and based ready for the tabletop
Paul Scrivens-Smith is a very talented and prolific painter who has done a great job with painting and basing some of our modern European buildings.
More of Paul's work, and a link to his excellent blog, can be seen on our Gallery page here...
All images Copyright Paul Scrivens-Smith and TimeCast 2021

Supermarket.  A typical German supermarket. This model comprises 5 parts (including an etched MDF base) and requires some assembly.
(Dimensions: L 16cm  x W 11cm x H 6.2cm)

Unpainted: 20.00

Town Houses. Modern German town houses from the town of Paderborn.
(Dimensions: L 7cm  x W 8cm x H 8cm)

Unpainted: 8.50

Town House with garage. Modern German town house with garage
(Dimensions: L 6cm  x W 7.2cm x H 7.2cm)

Unpainted: 8.50

Suburban House. A large detached suburban house from the Sennelager area.
(Dimensions: L 8.5cm  x W 7.2cm x H 7.8cm)

Unpainted: 8.50

Urban Accessories. A set of three models - Schnellimbiss (Fast food outlet), small shop or cafe and an electrical sub-station.

Unpainted: 8.00

German ChurchA village church based on an existing church in south west Germany. This model is suitable for a variety of periods from Medieval up to the modern day.
(Dimensions: L 10cm  x W 5.5cm x H 13cm)

Unpainted: 15.50

Modern German House. A typical modern house with detached garage
Unpainted: 7.50

Damaged Modern German House. A battle damaged version of 24/001
(Dimensions: House: L 6.5cm  x W 6cm x H 6cm  Garage: L 5cm x W 3.5cm x H 2 cm )

Unpainted: 7.50

1960's German House. Typical of smaller detached houses all over northern Germany.
Unpainted: 6.50

Damaged 1960's German House. A battle damaged version of 24/002
(Dimensions: L 6cm  x W 6cm x H 6cm)

Unpainted: 6.50

Shops and Offices. A row of ground floor shops with offices/apartments on the upper floors 
Unpainted: 14.00


Apartment Block. A modern 3 floor apartment block. 
Unpainted: 13.00

Industrial Buildings - N Scale

Flexible Metalled Roads
 Our range of N scale model railway buildings and accessories are also ideal for a modern European setting and include:

Industrial Buildings
Allotment sets
Sheds and Greenhouses
Golf Course bunkers

- click here for more details

We also have a range of flexible latex Tarmac/metalled roads, designed for use with 10mm vehicles

- click here for more details

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and/or the the respective Manufacturers and may not be copied or reproduced without the appropriate permission.

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