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Scroll down to find the latest releases and offers from Games Workshop.

Please note that while we try to keep stocks up to date some items may not always be available.If the items you require are shown as unavailable  please contact us and we can update you on availability.

Horus Heresy : MkVI Assault Marines

Pre-order from 02/12/23 : Release 14/12/2023

It’s called the Age of Darkness for a reason – the skies were usually blotted out by soaring munitions, city-levelling explosions, and the smoky contrails of hordes of Legiones Astartes descending from the heavens on their Warhawk jump packs.

This is a box of 10 plastic Assault Marines for deployment in your Horus Heresy games. You get enough components to arm your squad with chainswords and either bolt pistols or combat shields, plus a range of accessories, and a Sergeant with extra weapons options and two heads. The kit is entirely compatible with all MKVI upgrade sets, including Legion-specific accessories.*

(RRP  £42.50)

Citadel Tufts : Brimstein Firegrass

Pre-order from 02/12/23 : Release 14/12/2023

Spruce up your bases with these vermillion grass tufts, which match the scorched battlefields of Aqshy as well as they do alien planets. In all, you get 155 tufts in four different sizes – enough for a whole army.*
(RRP  £10.00)

Kill Team: Approved Ops – Tac Ops & Mission Card Pack

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

This set of 57 cards provides the quickest and most convenient way to set up matched play games of Kill Team, whether they’re competitive or casual. It’s an official update to the previous Critical Ops card pack that includes the 2022 Close Quarters update, including Map Cards and Tac Ops specific to Close Quarters games.

(RRP  £18.00)


Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

The first of our two mighty metal militants this week are the Necrons, an ancient race of cantankerous robots who long-ago traded the weakness of the flesh for mechanical immortality. What could possibly go wrong with such a bargain?

Budding Necron Phaerons (that’s you guys) can take your revenge with a Codex that’ll let you dispatch endless legions of pitiless automata, on a mission to destroy the fledgling empires stinking the galaxy up with all their flesh.

Inside the book you’ll find 47 Necron datasheets, five individual Detachments, Crusade rules to awaken your tomb world, and Combat Patrol rules for Amonhotekh’s Guard – which you can find out more about below. On top of that, there are sections on Necron history, society, and the main dynasties, as well as a painting guide.

(RRP  £35.00)

Necron Datasheet Cards

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

The cards include 47 individual datasheets for quick reference on the fly, five more for Combat Patrol, and one card to remind you of your army rule.

(RRP  £20.00)

Necron Dice

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

The Necrons get the essential accessories treatment, with a comprehensive set of Datasheet Cards and a packet of 16 six-sided dice with the faction icon on each 6 face.

(RRP  £18.00)


Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

Amonhotekh’s Guard is the new Necron Combat Patrol, arriving with 19 miniatures for use both in full games of Warhammer 40,000 and fast and furious bouts of Combat Patrol. It contains an Overlord with Tachyon Arrow, a Canoptek Doomstalker, three Skorpekh Destroyers with a Plasmacyte, three Scarab Swarms, and 10 Necron Warriors.

(RRP  £95.00


Imotekh the Stormlord

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

Imotekh is perhaps the mightiest Necron Overlord in the galaxy after the Silent King – and he’s catching up with worrying speed. The Stormlord is now returning to the galaxy in a mighty panoply of plastic, standing tall and flexing his clawed gauntlet of fire. Imotekh is a mighty Phaeron indeed – in battle, his hyperlogical strategic skills confer an extra Command Point every turn, while unnatural lightning strikes any foolish enough to approach.

(RRP  £27.50)

Orikan the Deviner

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

One of the most curmudgeonly Necrons in the galaxy, Orikan is a master astromancer with many millennia of experience who turns peevishness into art. Crucially, he’s also perfectly capable of reducing his enemies to smoking craters of disassembled matter. As a Master Chronomancer, he affords his bodyguards a 4+ invulnerable save, and once per game he can channel cosmic alignments to triple his Strength and Attacks in combat.

(RRP  £27.50)

Overlord with Translocation Shroud

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

All the most on-trend Overlords are travelling via extra-dimensional nether-realms this aeon, and a Translocation Shroud is the coming thing at all the best royal courts. This clever little trinket allows your Overlord and a squad of his best buddies mindless thralls to Advance 6” every time, phasing through terrain, buildings, and enemy units as they move.

(RRP  £24.00)

Adeptus Mechanicus Codex

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

The devotees of the Machine God may have a mite more flesh than the Necrons, but these stubborn cyborgs are no less truculent. In this Codes you’ll get 30 datasheets covering every cyber-soldier at your disposal, as well as five diverse Detachments to help spread the good word of the Omnissiah. On top of that are some excellent painting guides, artwork, and sections on lore, plus rules for Crusade and the new Combat Patrol.

(RRP  £35.00)

Adeptus Mechanicus Dice

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

A set of 16 six-sided dice in classic Martian red, sporting the classic cog symbol on each 6 face.*

(RRP  £18.00)

Adeptus Mechanicus Combat Patrol

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

Purge Corps Deltic-9 are the new Adeptus Mechanicus Combat Patrol, comprising 19 miniatures led by the portly Tech-Priest Manipulus Skand. He heads up a rapid response unit of three Serberys Sulphurhounds (which can also be made into Serberys Raiders), five Pteraxii Sterylizors (which may also be built as Pteraxii Skystalkers), and 10 Skitarii Vanguard (who may also be built as Skitarii Rangers). They come with a full set of rules for games of Combat Patrol, and make a fast-moving contingent for a Warhammer 40,000 army.

(RRP  £95.00)

Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Skatros

Pre-order from 25/11/23 : Release 09/12/2023

The Sydonian Skratos is the supreme sniper sentinel sporting the longest legs in the grim darkness of the far future. They delight in taking out enemy troops or tanks with a choice of a radium jezzail or a transuranic arquebus, and while they loom large over the battlefield, they’re hard to put down – you can’t even target them from more than 12″ away.

(RRP  £24.00)

SPACE MARINE JUMP ASSAULT INTERCESSORS                Available now!    

Take to the skies and deliver hot, fresh chainsword death at an indeterminate speed with a band of Assault Intercessors equipped with the latest in jump pack technology. These five multi-part plastic assault troops cause massive damage with the weight of their charge alone, while the Sergeant has the option of a hand flamer, plasma pistol, power sword, and power fist in place of his regular equipment.
£29.50 (RRP £35.00)
Order code : 48-13

SPACE MARINE JUMP CAPTAIN             Available now! 

Space Marine Captains aren’t just strategic masterminds – they’re also indomitable warriors in their own right, and many prefer to smash straight into enemy ranks strapped to a jump pack. This new kit gives you the option to send your eager leader flying into close combat with several different weapon choices, as well as both helmeted and unhelmeted head options.
£21.00 (RRP £25.00)
Order code : 48-17

SPACE MARINE TERMINATORS               Available now! 

The bulked-up Terminators first seen in the Leviathan boxed set are back with a full multi-part plastic kit, including classic weapons like the heavy flamer and cyclone missile launcher. These five plastic Terminators are packed with options including a wide range of heads and chainfists for all who want them, in case you’re up against a legion of stubborn Vehicles and fortifications.
£33.75 (RRP £40.00)
Order code : 48-90

SPACE MARINE TERMINATOR CHAPLAIN               Available now!   

Deliver sermons on the front lines safely with the latest in personal priesthood protection – the Chaplain in Terminator Armour. This walking behemoth of righteous fury is all-but immovable on the battlefield, and that’s before he straps on his optional relic shield. He can even choose between two variants of crozius arcanum.
£22.00 (RRP £26.00) 
Order code : 48-91

SPACE MARINE COMPANY HEROES                Available now! 

Captains and Chapter Masters are often accompanied by some of the finest heroes of their chapter as a personal bodyguard. The squad’s Ancient carries a fluttering company banner to inspire his comrades and boost their Objective Control, while the Company Champion duels enemy leaders before they can even think of getting near the Captain. The Veterans meanwhile lay down a hail of bolt fire. This kit also includes a versatile Captain with multiple options.
£33.75 (RRP £40.00)
Order code : 48-08


Space Marines with many years of service are organised into Sternguard Veteran squads, who wield finely tuned boltguns and combi-weapons. This new multi-part plastic kit builds five Veterans with your choice of Sternguard boltguns or combi-weapons, and includes the brand new pyrecannon heavy weapon as a heavy weapon option..........Yes, that is a back banner!

£31.50 (RRP £37.50)
Order code : 48-49

SPACE MARINE LIEUTENANT               Available now! 

The leader of Strike Force Agastus gets a standalone release, ready to join your Space Marine squads and grant the powerful Lethal Hits ability to all of their weapons. This intensely customisable kit can be equipped in many different ways, from the classic power fist and plasma pistol combo to power swords, bolt rifles, or the dreaded pointing finger.
£19.00 (RRP £22.50) 
Order code : 48-73


This pack of cards is an essential companion for playing Matched Play games of Warhammer 40,000, first available in the Leviathan box set and now coming to shelves separately. Drawing cards from each deck allows you to quickly construct an exciting mission, and execute Gambits to bring trailing players back into the game.
£17.00 (RRP £19.00)
Order code : 40.65

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