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This page is where we show off some of the custom work we have done for our customers, and where we can also display photos of TimeCast models sent in by customers. If you have any photos of TimeCast models in use on your tabletop or layout, that you'd like us to post here, then please contact us.  

Don't forget to visit our model railway gallery page to see some of our models used in scale model railway layouts. Just click on this link to visit the railway gallery page...

Important note - please don't send us huge image files via e-mail as they can fill up our mailbox and cause problems with our e-mail server. Please keep image files down to under 100kb or, alternatively, send us a CD with the photos. Thanks.

Please scroll down to view the various projects and click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture...

10mm 1980s British Infantry and Armour
Based and Painted by Dougie Robinson
Models from our Cold War 84 Range -
click here for more details....

Buildings from our Falklands Range -
click here for more details....

Dougie is one of the finest modellers we know - his skill in painting and converting model figures in various scales from 10mm up to 28mm is nothing less than astonishing and he has a real talent for painting camouflage patterns. Here are some pictures of our 10mm British infantry and Scimitar CVR(T) which Dougie has painted up for his Falklands War games.
Oh yes, Dougie also makes his own scenery...

Click on the images for a larger image

To see more of Dougie's work visit his Blog here -
Dougie's Wargaming Blog

10mm 1980s British Infantry Platoon
Models from our Cold War 84 Range - click here for more details....

On training excercises during the 1970's and 80's a great deal of emphasis was placed on training soldiers to be able to survive and fight during chemical or nuclear attack.

All British troops regularly trained wearing the NBC chemical warfare protective suits, frequently wearing the suits for several days at a time. The NBC suits, nicknamed "noddy suits", were worn over the regular clothing and only required the addition of overboots, gloves and the respirator to complete the soldier's NBC protection. 

It was expected that in the event of a Soviet Warsaw Pact attack  the British troops would have been wearing the NBC suits from the start as a precaution against a chemical or nuclear first strike. 

The suits were made in various shades of green and grey. These models have been painted in the typical green shade of the Mk 3 NBC suit (the later Mk 4 suit, issued from about 1985 was made in a DPM camouflage material).

10mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Company
Models from our Cold War 84 Range - click here for more details....

10mm Vietnam Diorama
The prolific Carlos Briz has produced a rather nice 10mm diorama using TimeCast buildings, scenics and Riverine craft mixed in with some Pendraken 10mm Vietnam figures and vehicles. He also managed to find the space to include his trademark railway items! The water surface is remarkably effective.
Click on the image to view a larger version.

Incidentally, it seems as if Carlos manages to knock out stunning dioramas every other day. To view more of his work visit his web site here:


6mm  Celtic Villages

We have recently completed a project for several 6mm Celtic Villages. The models were designed to include enclosing fences, crops and garden areas, livestock and general clutter to bring the models to life. 

Large Celtic Village   (approx 18" x 15" - 45cm x 38cm)

Small Celtic Village   (approx 8" x 8" - 20cm x 20 cm)


Modern West German airport and urban terrain...

We had a long chat with the customer at the Vapnartak show this year and he asked about some custom made scenery for his mid-1980s NATO v WARACT games. Imparticular he wanted some urban terrain pieces (including some light industrial/commercial sections)  and an airport. An airport is is always a tricky proposition  - most airports are huge but have lots of open space around the runways, while the buildings (also usually very large) are clustered in one main part of the airfield. Anyway, we have to compromise with this one and reduce the overall footprint quite considerably to fit it on a tabletop. Have a look at the results and see what you think.

We also trialled a new range of 1:300 plastic cars and streetlights on the urban and industrial bases. We think they look very good when the are painted and modelled into the terrain.  As usual, click on the thumbnails for a larger picture...

6mm Scale European Walled Chateau...

Several years ago a customer asked us for a European Walled Chateau in 6mm scale. We used part of our Belgian railway station model and combined it with some of the other buildings in Range 6. Finally we added a wall, a few trees, some foliage material and static grass.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger image

6mm Scale Italian Village - 1859

The brief for this order was to design some Italian village sections suitable for the Franco-Austrian War of 1859. We used one of our reference books on Italian Rural Architecture to ensure that the colours used in painting the model had the right feel for the location and period.

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.

A Spanish Town in 6mm...

The brief for this model was to produce a Spanish town and farms for the Spanish Civil War period.  We used a mix of buildings from our 6mm Southern European range (Range 8), some French buildings from Range 1, and a couple of the French colonial style buildings from our 6mm SE Asian range (Range 28). The customer also wanted a walled vineyard and orchard - we used the new 6mm rough stone walls from Range 37.

The buildings give a definite Mediterranian feel to the model, while careful painting and blending of the pantiled roofs helps to unify the model.  The use of  a light sand colour for the roads and tracks, plus a brown tint to the static grass and flock, adds to the impression of a hot dry climate. Reminds me of my last holiday in Andalucia...

An overall view of the completed model, with the adjoining fields and orchards.
The use of  a light sand colour for the roads and tracks, plus a brown tint to the static grass and flock, gives a good impression of a hot climate.

A close up of the town square showing the church and some of the Spanish town houses from Range 8. The statue is a Baccus 6mm Napoleonic General, mounted on a plinth from the Gravestone set from Range 37

Another view of the town square.. The walled garden of the house in the foreground is part of the building model and adds quite a bit of character to the model.

A close up of the farms etc, showing the light coloured dirt tracks.

Another view of the farms, orchards and fields. the walls are the new 6mm Rough Stone walls (which include gates and ruined sections) - code 37/060

A close up of the walled orchard and vineyard. Note that the ground beneath the trees and amongst the vines has been cleared of vegetation. This is done to protect the crops against the risk of fire during the heat of the summer.

A 15mm scale Shanty Town...

David wanted a shanty town for his AK47 games. He decided that he wanted to use some of the model buildings from our 15mm scale SE Asian range (Range 30), and had chosen to add some etched brass palm trees to give the models a tropical feel. Apart from that we were given a free hand to produce the models - lots of rust and rubbish!

We found some photos of African shanty towns in old copies of National Geographic magazine (always a useful source of reference material) and used these help us recreate the rusting shacks and  rubbish strewn yards.


WW2 and Modern built up areas in 6mm scale...

The specification for this order was to produce a variety of town and village bases suitable for western Europe for both the WW2 and Cold War periods. The order included industrial areas, a town square and a couple of bases of battle damaged and destroyed buildings. David also wanted maximum detail - garden sheds, vegetable plots, garden fences etc.  David was very happy with the results and we were almost sorry to hand the finished models over - we'd have liked to have kept these for our own layout!

The buildings were selected from our 6mm western and eastern European ranges (Range 3 and Range 6), with a few extras from the Napoleonic (Range 20) and Modern Eurpoean (Range 23) ranges. Trees, fences etc were from our scenic accessories range (Range 37).

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and/or the the respective Manufacturers and may not be copied or reproduced without the appropriate permission.

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