British Army of the Rhine
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British Army of the Rhine
This range covers the troops and equipment of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) during the mid-1980's, which saw the transition from the weapons and equipment of the 1960's and 70's to the modern weapons, vehicles and technology which would soon dominate the modern battlefield.

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Cold War 84 copyright TimeCast 2016

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British Infantry
British Infantry and Heavy Weapons
The figures are sculpted with 58 pattern webbing, scrimmed (camouflaged) Mk IV steel helmets and are armed with Self Loading Rifles (SLRs), SMGs and GPMG. The range includes officers/ncos, radio operators, heavy weapon crews and FO/MFCs.

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Description Price Order
British Infantry Command
Officers, NCOs and Radio Operators (8 models)
Infantry with SLR
Advancing, kneeling and prone poses (8 models)
2" Mortar Teams
(4 teams - 8 models)
GPMG Teams
GPMG team firing prone (4 teams - 8 models)
84mm MAW Teams
84mm Carl Gustav MAW team firing (4 crews - 8 models)
Milan ATGM Teams
Milan ATGM missile launcher and gunner, with assistant gunner and spare missiles.
Firing from prone position. (4 teams - 8 models)
Blowpipe Missile Teams
Blowpipe missile launcher and gunner, with assistant gunner and spare missile tube.
 (4 crews - 8 models)
Infantryman firing 66mm LAW
Infantry soldier firing 66mm LAW from kneeling position (8 models)
81mm Mortar and crew
2 mortars and 6 crew plus 2 man FO/MFC team (10 models)
GPMG SF Role (tripod)

(4 teams - 8 models)
BR11 Casualty Marker
Casualty figure (8 models)
BR12 120mm Wombat Recoiless Rifle & Crew
The iconic Wombat 120mm recoiless rifle, complete with 3 man crew.

( 2 guns and crews)

BR13 Engineers

Royal Engineers with demolition and mine clearing equipment.
(8 models)
British Vehicles and Equipment
This range will cover the front line vehicles used by the British Army in 1984, including the iconic Chieftain tank, and the ubiquitous FV432

Description Price Order
Mk 5/9 MBT

Chieftain Mk 5/9 MBT
The Chieftain was the standard British MBT throughout the Cold War period. Characterised by its powerful 120mm gun, heavy and well designed armour, and accompanied by clouds of white exhaust smoke from the temperamental British Leyland L60 engine, the Chieftain became the iconic symbol of the Cold War British Army. Model comprises 5 parts and some assembly is required.

Chieftain MBT Company Pack (10 models) 45.00
The FV432 was the standard tracked APC of the British Army during the 70s and 80s. It served in a number of variants. This version is the basic infantry carrier, which could carry an infantry section and its equipment.

FV432 APC Company Pack (10 models) 31.50
FV432 Company Pack - Custom Pack - 31.50
Any 10 FV432 models or  variants for the price of 9. If you require a mix of FV432 variants then please contact us with your requirements -
FV432 APC GPMG Turret
Many of the standard FV432s were fitted with a GPMG turret (designed by Peake Engineering). In the mechanised companies up to half of the FV432s could be fitted with the GPMG turrets. The Company HQ vehicles were also often fitted with the turrets.

FV432 APC GPMG Turret Company Pack (10 models) 31.50
Mortar Carrier
FV432 Mortar Carrier
The FV432 was converted to carry the standard infantry 81mm mortar and was used to equip the mortar platoons of the Mechanised Battalions. The vehicle had a crew of 6 men and carried 160 rounds of 81mm ammuntion. The model comprises 2 parts and some assembly is required.
FV438 Swingfire ATGM
The FV438 was an FV432 converted to mount a sight unit and launcher for the Swingfire heavy anti-tank guided missile. The launcher had two firing bins and 14 missiles could be carried insdie the vehicle. A seperate control system could also be dismounted from the vehicle and deployed up to 100 metres away, allowing the missiles to be fired while the vehicle itself remained hidden from the enemy. Model comprises 2 parts and some assembly is required.
Artillery OP
FV432 Royal Artillery Observation Post 
The FV432 was used extensively by the Royal Artillery. The  OP vehicle was fitted with a number of specialised instruments, including a Head Angulation Sighting Equipment (HASE), Laser Rangefinder (LRF) and  a Night Observation Device (NOD), all of which was in addition to the usual radio and communications equipment. Model comprises 2 parts and some assembly is required.
CVR(T) Scorpion/ Scimitar
The CVR(T) Scorpion (76mm gun) and Scimitar (30mm cannon) served in the Armoured Recce Regiments, while the Scimitar was also found with both the Armoured Regiments and Mech Infantry battalions in Close Recce Troops. The model comprises 4 parts and some assembly is required. The pack includes barrels for both the 76mm gun and 30mm Rarden cannon. The model may be assembled as either a Scorpion or Scimitar.
FV102 Striker
The FV102 Striker was a development of the CVR(T) series, with the chassis redesigned to accomodate the Swingfire heavy ATGM system. Originally serving with the Royal Artillery ATGM batteries the Striker subsequently saw service in the Medium Reconnaissance Regiments. Model comprises 2 parts (hull is cast in polyurethane resin, with other parts cast in white metal) and some assembly is required. 

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

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