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West German Bundeswehr

This range covers the troops and equipment of the West German Bundeswehr during the mid-1980's, when it formed the
backbone of NATO's conventional defence in Central Europe, with 12 divisions, including six Panzer and 4 Panzergrenadier Divisions, equipped with the formidable Leopard 1 and 2 tanks and the Marder mechanised infantry combat vehicle.

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Cold War 84 copyright TimeCast 2016

US Customers - The Cold War 84 range is available in the USA from BTC: Battlefield Terrain Concepts
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West German Bundeswehr Infantry
Description Price Order

West German Infantry Command
Officers, NCOs and Radio Operators with G3 rifle and Uzi SMG (8 models - 3 x officer, 3 x NCO,
2 x radio operator with Uzi)
WG2 Riflemen with G3 Rifle
Advancing, kneeling and prone poses (8 models)
Machine Gun Teams with MG3
 Prone firing Bipod Mounted MG3 ( 4 teams - 8 models)
Anti-Tank teams with Panzerfaust 44 and Carl Gustav 84mm MAW
4 x Panzerfaust 44 and 2 x 84mm teams (8 models)
Milan ATGM
Milan ATGM teams  firing prone (8 models)
Soldiers with Uzi Submachine guns
Advancing and kneeling poses (8 models)
120mm Mortar and crew
2 mortars and 6 crew plus 2 man FO/MFC team (10 models)
Redeye SAM Teams
Standing firing (4 teams - 8 models)
MG3 Machine Gun - Tripod
MG3 machine gun - sustainedfire role on tripod (4 teams - 8 models)
Engineers (mix of G3 rifle and Uzi SMG0 with demolition and mine clearing equipment.
(8 models)
Casualty Marker
Casualty figure (8 models)

West German Bundeswehr Vehicles

West German armour and infantry painted by the talented Paul Scrivens-Smith. More of Paul's work, and a link to his excellent blog, can be seen on our Gallery page here...
All images Copyright Paul Scrivens-Smith and TimeCast 2021
Code Description Price Order

Leopard 1A1A1 MBT
The Leopard 1 MBT entered service in 1965 but by 1977 it had been upgraded to to the Leopard 1A1A1 standard, which became the most common version used by the Bundeswehr until the introduction of the Leopard 1A5 in late 1985.
The model comprises 4 parts and some assembly is required.
Leopard 1A1A1 MBT Company Pack (10 models) £45.00

Leopard 1A3/A4 MBT
The Leopard 1A3 and Leopard 1A4 were two different models equipped with a welded turret, and both entered service in the mid 1970s. Most of the differences between the two models were internal and externally they looked almost identical. This model can be used to represent either version. 
The model comprises 4 parts and some assembly is required.
Leopard A3/A4 MBT Company Pack (10 models) £45.00
2/ 2A1
Leopard 2/2A1 MBT
The Leopard 2 was intended to replace the Leopard 1 and entered service in 1979.Between 1982 and 1984 it was manufactured as the leopard 2A1 (with internal differences such as modified ammunition stowage and fuel systems). Both vehicles essentially looked identical however and the earlier Leopard 2 was itself upgraded to 2A1 status. This model can be used to represent either version.
The model comprises 4 parts and some assembly is required.
Leopard 2/2A1 MBT Company Pack (10 models)
M113G M113G
The M113 entered service with the Bundeswehr in the early 1960s. The first several hundred M113s were standard production models but later vehicles were converted to German requirements (optics, radio system, armament, smoke device, tracks, lights etc) and were designated M113G.
The model comprises 2 parts and some assembly is required.
M113G PzMrs
M113G PzMrs (Panzermörser) - Mortar Carrier
The M113G PzMrs was equipped with a 120mm mortar to provide fire support at the battalion level. The mortar could be fired either from inside the  vehicle or dismounted and  set up using the base plate carried on the rear of the vehicle.
The model comprises 3 parts and some assembly is required.

M113 BeobPzArt (Beobachtungspanzer Artillerie) - Artillery Forward Observation Post
The M113G BeobPzArt was modified with a raised roofline to accomdate a PERI D-11 periscope  and assoiated equipment required by an artillery Forward Observer (FO).
The model comprises 3 parts and some assembly is required.
M113G Company Pack £31.50
M113G Company Pack - Custom Pack 
Any 10 M113G, M113G PzMrs or M113G BeobPzArt for the price of 9. If you require a mix of M113Gs  then please contact us with your requirements -
M577G M577G Command Post Vehicle
The M577G was a version of the US Command Post vehicle modified to meet the Bundeswehr's requirements.
The model is a one piece casting.

Marder 1A1 (IFV)
Entering service in 1971, the Marder was designed as the main weapon of the Panzer Grenadier mechanised infantry. Armed with a powerful 20mm cannon, equipped with the Milan ATGM system, and upgraded with Image Intensification and Thermal Imaging night vision equipment, by 1982 the Marder was a reliable and sophisticated infantry fighting vehicle.
The model comprises four parts (resin hull, metal turret, gun pod and Milan ATGM missle launcher) and requires some assembly.
Marder 1A1 IFV Company Pack (10 models) £40.50

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and/or the the respective Manufacturers and may not be copied or reproduced without the appropriate permission.

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