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15mm American Civil War Wargame Miniatures
Historic Buildings in Miniature

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The Old Glory 15s ACW range offers an extensive variety of models covering the armies of the period. The bags include a variety of figure poses, while the General packs offer a range of detailed "personality" figures.

Prices: Standard Packs (infantry, cavalry and artillery) - £18.00
General Packs - £28.00

Please note that bags contain approximately 50 infantry, or 16 cavalry, or 6 guns with 24 crew, or 45 foot command  figures. Where denoted, some bags include command figures.

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These are some photos of the Old Glory 15s ACW Confederate models, painted and based by Martin Tagima . Please click on the thumnail to view a larger image. Martin is a talented painter and has lots more photos on the gallery page on his own website at Tajima1 Miniatures.

15mm ACW Buildings
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Code Description Quantity
ACW1 Confederate Infantry Marching
ACW2 Union Infantry Marching
ACW3 Confederate Infantry Charging
ACW4 Union Infantry Charging
ACW5 Confederate Infantry Skirmishing
ACW6 Union Infantry Skirmishing
ACW7 Confederate Infantry Command
ACW8 Union Infantry Command
ACW11 Zouave in Kepi with Command
ACW12 Zouave in Turban with Command
ACW13 Zouave in Fez with Command
ACW17 Confederate Dismounted Cavalry
ACW18 Union Dismounted Cavalry
ACW21 Iron Brigade with Command Advancing
ACW22 Hood's Texans with Command
ACW23a Berdans with Command
ACW23b Pennsylvania Bucktails with Command
ACW24 Energetic Infantry
ACW25 Melee Infantry
ACW28 Infantry in Greatcoat with Command Marching
ACW29 Infantry in Greatcoat with Command Charging
Improvised Breastworks (TimeCast Range 33)
Improvised breastworks from rocks, timber and piled earth - 10 pieces in 4", 3", 2" and 1" lengths.

£5.00 per pack

Code Description Quantity
ACW15 Confederate Troopers with sabre
ACW16 Union Troopers with sabre
ACW19 Confederate Command (Foot and Mounted)
ACW20 Union Command (Foot and Mounted)
ACW30 Confederate Troopers with pistols and shotguns
ACW31 Union Troopers with pistols and carbines

Code Description Quantity
ACW9 Confederate Artillery
Confederate Artillery with 3 x 12lb, 1 x 3 inch Rifle, 2 x 10lb Parrots and 24 Crew
ACW10 Union Artillery
Union Artillery with 2 x 12lb, 2 x 3 inch Rifle, 2 10lb Parrotts and 24 Crew
ACW26 Limbers and Crews
ACW27 Limber Horses and Riders
Artillery Options
Packs ACW9 and ACW10 contain a variety different guns as shown above.
The following packs are available for customers wanting different types of guns.
Please note that these packs are NOT kept in stock but will be ordered from the manufacturer as required.
Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.
ACW9B CSA Artillery (6 x 12lb Napoleons and 24 crew)
ACW9C CSA Artillery (6 x 3" Rodmans and 24 crew)
ACW9D CSA Artillery (6 x 10lb Parrotts and 24 crew)
ACW9E CSA Artillery (6 x 20lb Parrotts and 24 crew)
ACW10B Union Artillery (6 x 12lb Napoleons and 24 crew)
ACW10C Union Artillery (6 x 3" Rodmans and 24 crew)
ACW10D Union Artillery (6 x 10lb Parrotts and 24 crew)
ACW10E Union Artillery (6 x 20lb Parrotts and 24 crew)

Code Description Quantity
ACW32 Western Confederate Generals
ACW33 Eastern Confederate Generals
ACW34 Western Union Generals
ACW35 Eastern Union Generals

Code Description Quantity
ACW36 2 Supply wagons and teams
ACW37 ACW Dead (approx 50 figures)
ACW00 ACW Wounded (approx 50 figures)

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

Historic Buildings in Miniature
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