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This range covers the North American continent during the 17th - 20th centuries and will cover the American War of Independence, the American Civil War and the various Indian wars as well as the "Wild West" period.

As with our other ranges, the models have been carefully researched and are based on photographs of existing buildings, modern reconstructions and contemporary artwork or photographs.

10mm Snakerail Fencing
Nothing says "ACW" quite like snake fencing and this 10mm snakerail fencing from
Minibits is perfect for use with our ACW buildings.
For more details, including other types of fences, please click here

Please click on the product code to view a picture of the model
The model represents a typical 19th Century wooden farmhouse and is based on the post war rebuilt Henry House (the one on the present day site) rather than the original which was badly damaged during the battle. The model comprises six pieces and includes a cast metal chimney and porch.
Please note that some assembly is required -  a free instruction sheet in PDF format is available to download here (right click to download): Henry House Instruction Sheet.

Unpainted: 6.50

Brian Farm - Gettysburg. Based on contemporary pictures and modern reconstructions this model is a typical small farm building. A two piece set comprising a farmhouse and barn.
Unpainted: 7.50

Dunker Church. The famous whitewashed brick church from the Antietam battlefield.
Unpainted: 7.50

Fair Oaks House. A wooden clapboard house. Based on contemporary photographs of the Fair Oaks/Seven Pines battlefield. This model is a three part kit and requires some assembly.
Unpainted: 7.50

Stone House. Based on the stone house which served as a temporary hospital at the Battle of First Manassas

Unpainted: 8.50

Lee & Gordon's Mill, Chickamauga. Based on the wooden mill building on the Chickamauga River (photographed shortly after the battle).
Unpainted: 12.50

Bennett's Farm. North Carolina 1865. This is a three piece set comprising the main farmhouse, a farmworker's house and a barn

Unpainted: 11.00

Gaines' House. An 18th Century house near Mechanicsville, Virginia. This set includes the house and a wooden shed/utility building.
The model includes a metal chimney and some assembly is required. The original building is described as being painted in "red" and "yellow". A comparison with colours made by modern companies specialising in "historical" paints indicate that the house was probably painted with yellow ochre walls and a terracotta red roof.

Unpainted: 7.50

Farm Shop and Wagon Shed. These buildings, believed to have been built in the early 19th Century, were part of the Poffenberger Farm estate at the time of the battle of Antietam.

Unpainted: 8.50

Improvised Breastworks. During the Civil War soldiers from both sides would construct improvised breastworks from rocks, timber and piled earth to provide protection from enemy fire. This set represents some of these hastily built breastworks and comprises 10 pieces in 4", 3", 2" and 1" lengths.

Unpainted: 4.50

Our range of N scale model railway buildings and accessories are also suitable for use with most 10mm scale models
- click here for more details

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and/or the the respective Manufacturers and may not be copied or reproduced without the appropriate permission.

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