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This range of 10mm models covers a variety of buildings and battlefield scenics from South East Asia, suitable for  Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia (and even Africa!).

The models will be suitable for most periods up to the end of the Vietnam war and the second half of the 20th Century.
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Flexible Latex Paddy Fields

The Paddy Fields can be painted as dry or inundated. Growing crops can be modell
ed using flock, grass mat or scatter material held.

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10mm Vietnam Brown Water Navy
A range of detailed models of the US Navy's Vietnam Brown Water Navy, including Monitors, CCBs, Tango boats etc. The models have been designed from the US Navy's Prgram 4 series of boats built furing 1966-67 and have been modelled  to a scale of 1:150 and are fully compatible with 10mm/N scale model figures and scenery.
Models are supplied in kit form and require assembly and painting.

Code Description Quantity
10mm US Navy Monitor 
The US Navy's river gunboat, armed with a 40mm cannon, an 81mm direct fire mortar and 3 heavy machine guns.


10mm US Navy Armoured Troop Carrier (ATC)
The workhorse of the Mobile Riverine Force, capable of carrying a platoon of troops or a variety of stores and equipment. Four ATCs could carry a full company of ground troops.

10mm US Navy Command and Control Boat (CCB)
Fitted with extra command and control facilities and with additional crew space the CCB was used as a floating command post during riverine operations. Their importance meant that they were frequently the target for enemy fire.

10mm US Navy Flamethrower
Usually known as Zippo's, a number of the early monitors had their mortar removed and two flamethrower turrets installed. These proved to highly effective in destroying enemy bunkers and vegetation along the river banks.

29/BWNSET1 10mm US Navy Riverine Force Set 1
This set contains seven models (4 x ATC, 1 x Monitor, 1 x CCB and 1 x Flamethrower) representing a typical riverine force.
You also get seven models for the price of  six!

Vietnamese village houses
Rendered plaster walls and thatched roofs. Set of two models.
Unpainted: 7.50

Vietnamese village buildings
Set of two models comprising a shop and school/official building
Unpainted: 9.00

Vietnamese village hootches
Timber, thatch and corrugated iron village hootches. Set of two models.
Unpainted: 8.00

Montagnard Village Houses
Traditional thatched Montagnard village houses on raised platforms. Set of two models.
Unpainted: 9.00

Vietnamese village accessory pack
Assorted family bunkers, wells, storage pots etc (7 pieces) - also suitable for use with our 15mm Vietnam Range)
Unpainted: 4.50

Shanty Town Shacks #1
Two Medium sized shacks
Unpainted: 5.00

Shanty Town Shacks #2
Two shacks (one large and one small)
Unpainted: 5.00

Shanty Town Shacks #3
Three small shacks
Unpainted: 5.00

Camouflaged Viet Cong and NVA Bunkers
A pack of camouflaged bunkers, based on contemporary photos of VC bunkers. They are easy to paint and can be enhanced by the addition of scenic foliage etc.The pack contains 6 bunkers.
Unpainted: 4.50

Reinforced Sandbag Command Bunker
A typical reinforced sandbag command bunker, found on firebases and military installions throughout South Vietnam.
Unpainted: 4.00

Artillery Crew/Ammunition Bunker
A reinforced sandbag bunker used for artillery crew accomodation or ammunition storage. usually found next to an artillery emplacement this model is designed to be used with 29/015 Artillery Firing Position.
Unpainted: 3.50

Firebase Bunker (Variation A)
A revetted and sandbag reinforced bunker, typical of bunkers found on firebases and military installations throughout South Vietnam. 
Unpainted: 3.50

Firebase Bunker (Variation B)
A variation on the revetted and sandbag reinforced bunker, typical of bunkers found on firebases and military installations throughout South Vietnam. 
Unpainted: 3.50

Ammunition Storage Shelters
These corrugated iron shelters were designed to provide environmental protection for ammunition and similar stores in the field. They were quickly erected and  were often found next to the gun positions in firebases. These models can be used to add interest and clutter to the Artillery Firing Position (29/015) or can also be used as objective/ammunition markers. The pack contains 2 pieces.
Unpainted: 3.00

Artillery Firing Position
On arriving at a new firing position or firebase the priority for US and ARVN artillery crews was to ensure the guns were protected. This model represents and newly dug firing position with a low earth berm and partial sandbag protection.  For a more permanent artillery emplacement add the Artillery Crew Bunker (29/011) and Ammunition Storage Shelters (29/014).
Unpainted: 4.00

Firebase Mortar Position with Crew/Ammunition Bunker
A fully revetted and sandbag reinforced mortar position, with an integral crew/ammunition bunker. Typical of mortar positions found in firebases and special forces camps.
Unpainted: 4.00

Reinforced Earth Berm with Sandbags and Corrugated Iron Revetting
A pack of earth berm sections with a mixture of corrugated iron, oil drum and ammunition box revettments, topped off with additional sandbag protection. In Vietnam the firebases and fighting camps could be almost any shape and these models are designed to allow the gamer to build his own perimeter as required. The pack contains eight pieces (4 x long and 4 x short). Long sections are 6 cms in length, short sections are 3 cms in length.
Unpainted: 4.00

Please click on the product code to view a picture of the model

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and/or the the respective Manufacturers and may not be copied or reproduced without the appropriate permission.

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