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This range field includes defences and fortifications for WW1 (Great War),  WW2 and Modern periods.  The models are based on contemporary photographs and plans and illustrations in contemporary Soviet, German and US military manuals.

The models have been designed to match the requirements for the WW1 and WW2 Spearhead and Modern Spearhead rules but they will also serve equally well as generic items or markers for other rules and periods.

Great War -  World War 1 Trench System - please click here

WW2 and Other Field Defences - please click here

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6mm First World War Trench System

Designed with our usual attention to detail the trench sections are cast in drab coloured flexible latex to fit the contours of your tabletop. The trench sections are fully detailed with duckboards, firesteps,  dugouts, fire bays, traverses, communication trenches, fallen trees and debris and plenty of shell holes.  Additional sections include concrete machine gun pillboxes, concrete bunkers, village ruins and a Verdun
style fort (all cast in our usual solid material)

Please note that the latex material shrinks slightly when it cures.
The dimensions given below are therefore approximate sizes and the individual pieces may vary slightly.

Painting and Storing Flexible Latex Terrain

We recommend the use of water based acrylic paints and ink washes for painting the trench sections.
Full details of how to paint and store latex terrain can be found here...

WW1 Trench Line
2 x pieces - 12" long x 2.5" wide (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 11.00

WW1 Trench Line
2 x pieces - 6" long x 2.5" wide (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 5.50

WW1 Trench Line
2 x pieces - 3" long x 2.5" wide (supplied unpainted)
Unpainted: 2.80

WW1 Trench Line Inside Curve
2 x pieces (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 3.90

WW1 Trench Line Outside Curve
2 x pieces (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 3.90

WW1 Communication Trench
2 x pieces - 12" long x 2" wide (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 9.90

WW1 Trench Junctions - T-shaped sections which allow the trench lines to join the communication trenches.
2 x pieces (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 2.80

Shell Cratered Ground - open terrain with lots of shell holes
4 x pieces (supplied unpainted) 

Unpainted: 5.50

WW1 WW1 Trench Line with Machine Gun Pillboxes
2 x pieces - 3" x 3" (supplied unpainted) 

Unpainted: 4.00

WW1 Trench Line with Concrete Bunkers
2 x pieces - 3" x 3" (supplied unpainted) 

Unpainted: 4.00

WW1 Ruined Villages - shell shattered ruins
2 x pieces - 4" x 4" (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 6.60

WW1 Verdun style Fort
1 x piece - 5" x 5" (supplied unpainted)

Unpainted: 5.50

World War 2 Field Defences and Fortifications

Our original popular field defences - designed for the WW2 Spearhead and Modern Spearhead rules.

WW2 Soviet Field Defences
Based on diagrams  of Soviet Field defences in a 1945 US Army Handbook on the Soviet Military Forces. Each section is 1.25" square (ideal for use with the Spearhead and Modern Spearhead rules). Each pack contains a random selection of 12 pieces.

Unpainted: 4.40


WW2 Soviet Fortifications
This set comprises four x 3" square sections of WW2 Soviet trench systems and concrete bunkers.

Unpainted: 6.10

Foxholes and Trenches
Based on WW2 battlefield photos and drawings from a 1943 German field manual, this set comprises 12 pieces each with a variety of hastily dug foxholes or trenches. Each section is 1.25" square. Each pack contains a random selection of pieces.

Unpainted: 4.40

Tank Emplacements
Based on a 1943 German field manual, this set comprises twelve revetted tank emplacements.

Unpainted: 4.40

WW2 German Nebelwerfer/Artillery Emplacements
Based on diagrams and illustrations from a 1943 German field manual. Set of 6 pieces

Unpainted: 4.40

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and/or the the respective Manufacturers and may not be copied or reproduced without the appropriate permission.

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