MDF Bases
Laser cut MDF bases
from Minibits
Historic Buildings in Miniature

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2mm MDF is an ideal material for basing miniatures - it is light, tough, hard-wearing and easy to paint and texture. However, cutting it is hard work, messy and time consuming.

So, we now stock a range of laser cut MDF bases from the nice chaps at Minibits.

No more messing about with saws or craft knives, no more mess. The bases come perfectly cut to the correct sizes and are ready for use.

Other sizes are also available to order - please contact us for details.

Square and Rectangular Bases
Code Size Price Click to Order
BS2520 25mm x 20mm (25 per pack) £1.25
BS2525 25mm x 25mm (25 per pack) £1.25
BS3025 30mm x 25mm (24 per pack) £1.25
BS3030 30mm x 30mm (20 per pack) £1.25
BS4015 40mm x 15mm (24 per pack) £1.25
BS4020 40mm x 20mm (20 per pack) £1.25
BS4025 40mm x 25mm (20 per pack) £1.25
BS4030 40mm x 30mm (18 per pack) £1.25
BS4040 40mm x 40mm (16 per pack) £1.25
BS6030 60mm x 30mm (16 per pack) £1.25
BS6060 60mm x 60mm (8 per pack) £1.25
BS7550 75mm x 50mm (7 per pack) - ideal for the "Aurelian" Ancients Wargame rules £1.25
BS8040 80mm x 40mm (8 per pack) £1.25
Round Bases
BC25 25mm Diameter (20 per pack) £1.25
BC30 30mm Diameter (15 per pack) £1.25
BC40 40mm Diameter (12 per pack) £1.25

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

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Historic Buildings in Miniature
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