Rules for Company Level Miniatures Games from the Cold War to the Digital Age
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Rules for Company Level Miniatures Games from the Cold War to the Digital Age

A comprehensive and playable set of company level rules for the 1980s Cold War era. 

For more details and an explanation of the ideas behind Sabre Squadron take a look at an article written by Nick Overland (author of Sabre Squadron) for Wargames Illustrated magazine -  click on the link below...

Sabre Squadron Article - Wargames Illustrated magazine (PDF Format)

The article "Sabre Squadron" is copyright Wargames Illustrated and used with permission.
  • 1:1 scale - one model represents one vehicle or soldier
  • Infantry are based in groups (fire teams, heavy weapon teams etc) for ease of handling during play
  • Differences between the NATO and Warsaw Pact armies are  built into the rules
  • Simple Movement system
  • Fast and easy to resolve rules for Direct Fire
  • Full rules for supporting and off-table artillery and indirect fire
  • Effects of enemy fire is covered with comprehensive Morale rules
  • Scenarios for Meeting Engagements, Hasty Attacks, Set Piece Attacks and unbalanced encounter battles
  • Rules for Terrain and Cover, Battlefield Engineering, Electronic Warfare, Air Support and Helicopters

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Cold War 84 copyright TimeCast 2016

Sabre Squadron Wargame Rules
  • Hardback A4 edition - 144 pages (including a Quick Reference Sheet)
  • Fully illustrated with explanatory diagrams
  • Fully indexed
  • Includes a free PDF copy of the rules - ideal for printing extra playsheets (Details on how to get the PDF are included with the rules)
Game Support - Equipment Data Sheets

Sabre Squadron also provide some excellent support for their rules. Data Sheets covering the main vehicles and equipment used by the NATO and Warsaw Pact forces are available as a FREE download from the Sabre Squadron website here:

Article 5: Company Level Organisations for NATO in the 1980s

This supplement covers the armies of the USA, UK, West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and France deployed on NATO's Central Front.
A total of 67 company-sized lists covering mechanised infantry, tanks, airborne, armoured cavalry, territorials, moutain troops and the Berlin garrisons, plus a wide range of equipment including Abrams, Pattons, Marders, Jagdpanzers, Scimitars, AMX10RCs, Bradleys and Gepards.

Available in PDF format only from Sabre squadron. For more details please click here:
Sabre squadron - Article 5
Seven Days to the Rhine: Company Level Organisations for the Warsaw Pact in the 1980s

This supplement covers the armies of the USSR, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

There is a total of 48 company lists covering motor rifles, tanks, airborne, marines, border guards and workers' militia, plus a wide range of equipment including T80s, BTR80s, MTLBs, BMDs, T34s and Grenztrabants! It includes details of Warsaw Pact Aircraft, support options and points values for Sabresquadron rules.

Available in PDF format only from Sabre squadron. For more details please click here:
Sabre squadron - Seven Days to the Rhine

Dougie (Dougie's Wargaming Blog) is a keen modern wargamer and has recently bought a copy of the rules. He called us to say how much he like the Sabre Squadron rules so we asked him to write a short review for us...

Sabre Squadron Rules for Company-Level Games from the Cold War to the Digital Age

This is a short review of a set of rules that I picked up recently from Timecast Models in the UK.

Although I flit about wargaming periods I always return to my main wargaming interest of post WW2 conflicts and finding a good set of rules is driven by the level of engagement youre trying to recreate and the complexity youre after.

Sabre Squadron has been out for a little while now and while I was aware of them Id foolishly not paid them much attention. They are designed for Company level actions, so a company of infantry with maybe a platoon of armour in support. Suggested basing is fire team bases for Infantry and vehicles individually so about 7 bases for an infantry platoon. For me the ideal scale for this level is 10mm, anything much bigger and the ranges start to look a little short for the figure scale.

The rules are IGOUGO but having said that the turn sequence factors in opportunity fire and calling in fire support elegantly and effectively and all in all the system copes cleverly with technological add ons that this period is awash with. Although fairly straight forward, most of the systems are using a D10, roll 5 or more for success with various plus or minus modifiers, this works and the games Ive played have resulted in quick and accurate outcomes.

Ive used them primarily for wargaming the Falklands War and certainly for this period they work really well with the majority of actions, although battalion attacks, breaking down nicely into company engagements. The new Timecast ColdWar 84 range of figures and their Falklands buildings are obviously perfect if you fancy wargaming this conflict and of course this range is ideal if youre looking to recreate Cold War gone Hot scenarios.

The rules have very clearly been a labour of love for the author and hes just about covered every contingency. To round off Id say if you are at all interested in wargaming post WW2 conflicts at this level you need to get a copy of Sabre Squadron at your earliest opportunity! Thoroughly recommended.

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Here are some pictures of Dougie's Falklands War figures and terrain - all 10mm scale. Please click on the picture for a larger image.


Images copyright  Douglas Robinson 2019

Dougie is an outstanding artist and model maker and demonstrates his skills and techniques on his blog - if you are looking for ideas, learning new techniques or just want to enjoy looking at some beautifully painted models and terrain then it is well worth a visit!
 Dougie's Wargaming Blog

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