NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 10mm

Cold War 84 copyright TimeCast 2016
Historic Buildings in Miniature

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Painted British and Soviet Wargame Units for Sale

We have a number of professionally painted and based TimeCast Cold War 84 wargame units for sale. 

These are offered for sale "as is" and the units will not be split. Numbers are limited and when they are gone they are gone. 

All models are assembled, fully painted, matt varnished and based to a professional standard and are ready to use on the tabletop.

These wargame units are individual items and are not available to order via our shopping cart. 

They can be purchased by contacting us directly via email or telephone:


Telephone: 01743 465676

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1/144 (10mm) Soviet BMP Mechanised Infantry Company

Soviet BMP Mechanised Infantry Company and support elements comprising:

1 x BMP-1 Headquarters
1 platoon each 3 x BMP-2 APC
2 platoons each 3 x BMP-1 APC
1 platoon 3 x BMP-1 APC for weapons teams

1 x BMP M1976/2 Reconnaissance APC

2 x ZSU-23/4 SP AA guns

(Total 16 models)

1/144 (10mm) Soviet 2S1 122mm SP Gun Battery

8 x 2S1 SP Guns
1 x ACRV2 Artillery Observer Vehicle

(Total 9 models)

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

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