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Coat d'arms Paints and Brushes

TimeCast stock a large range of Coat d’arms water-based acrylic paints, brushes and accessories, which are are available by mail order and from our trade stand at shows within the UK.
Coat d'arms paints are available in a wide range of colours and are supplied in 18ml flip top pots.

The Coat d'arms Super Shader range is designed for applying a colour wash over a base coat, which will have the effect of adding shading to the base coat. The Super Shaders are also water based (unlike some similar products) and brushes can be easily cleaned with water.

The Coat d'arms brushes are available in 6 sizes and offer excellent quality at a budget price.

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Coat d'arms Acrylic Paints - £2.30 per pot (18ml)

Please note that due to differences in VDU screens and colour settings, which are beyond our control, the colours shown below are an approximation only.

Code Description Quantity
101 White
102 Black
105 Flame Orange
107 Bright Gold
109 Chainmail
110 Royal Blue
111 Dark Elf Green
112 Bone
113 Magic Metal
115 Tanned Flesh
119 Rat Brown
124 Dwarven Flesh
129 Vampire Red
130 Bilious Brown
133 Flesh Wash
136 Brown Ink
137 Chestnut Ink
139 Matt Varnish
140 Gloss Varnish
144 Shocking Pink
145 Ruby Red
146 Dusky Yellow
148 Marine Blue
154 Black Ink
161 Deadly Nightshade
165 Hawk Turquoise
206 Light Blue
207 Dark Blue
208 Grass Green
209 Dark Green
210 Purple
211 Light Grey
212 Dark Grey
213 Flesh
216 Negro
217 Leather Brown
218 Wood Brown
219 Chestnut Brown
220 Silver
221 Horse Tone - Dun
222 Horse Tone - Roan
223 Horse Tone - Chestnut
224 Horse Tone - Bay
225 Khaki
226 Olive Green
227 Field Grey
228 Buff
229 Dark Sand
230 Camouflage Green
231 Mid Grey
232 Bronze
233 Linen
234 Dark Earth
235 Horse Tone - Brown
236 Horse Tone - Grey
237 Russet Red
238 British Scarlet
239 Bavarian Blue
240 Unbleached Wool
241 Rust
501 British Khaki
502 Field Drab
503 Military Green
504 Panzer Grey
505 Green Grey
506 Desert Sand
507 Sea Grey
508 Olive Drab
509 Brick Red
510 Mid Stone
511 Tank Blue-Grey
512 Tank Green
513 Faded Olive
514 Pale Green
515 Black-Green
516 Iron Grey
517 Desert Yellow
518 Field Blue
519 Chocolate Brown
520 Red Brown
521 Army Green
522 Pale Sand
523 US Dark Green
524 Tan Earth
525 Uniform Grey
526 Tank Light Grey
527 Tank Drab
528 Russian Brown
529 Beige Brown
530 Russian Green
531 Japanese Uniform
532 Italian Red Earth
533 Slate Grey
534 Dark Leather
535 Jungle Green
536 Forest Green
537 Faded Khaki

Coat d'arms Super Shader - £5.80 per pot
Super Shader is a range of Acrylic washes specifically designed for fast painting of models by applying over single colours without highlights and shading. The Super Shader adds shadows and shading to the depths of the figure, bringing out the details.
Code Description Quantity
CD420 Light Brown
CD421 Dark Brown
CD422 Black

Brushes - £3.00 each
Code Brush Size Quantity
CD000 000 
CD00 00
CD2 2
CD3 3

Please note that TimeCast models are not toys. They may contain small pieces, or white metal parts, which may cause a choking hazard and are therefore not suitable for children under 12 years.

All images and models shown are copyright TimeCast and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

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